PeritusAg is a collaboration of trusted agribusiness advisors delivering the clarity our clients need to make intelligent investment and development decisions. We bring together the right farming consultants to deliver the strategic and pragmatic solutions our clients need to grow and thrive.


PeritusAg has worked on a broad range of projects and assignments  Some projects have been completed in conjunction with other industry experts but in all cases, we have taken a lead role from project initiation through execution to completion. We welcome the opportunity of discussing either the work described below or your own project:

Land Use

Land Use/ Impact Assessments for property development and renewable energy projects


The development of infrastructure and development projects such as solar and wind farms, highway re-alignments, sub-divisions and railway construction will have many and varied effects on landholders. PeritusAg has completed numerous assignments where the effects of these sorts of developments in terms of cost of working, lost productivity, rehabilitation and remedial investment are identified, described, and quantified.

Due diligence

Due Diligence – Condition Benchmarking and Reporting


For multiple reasons, property buyers are increasingly motivated to improve the sustainability and environmental integrity of primary production and land use in both the short and long term. To measure this effectively, the existing condition of the property in terms of a number of parameters needs to be assessed and measured to provide a benchmark against which improvements can be quantified.

Traditional Owners

Traditional Owners Business and Enterprise Development


Traditional Owners are increasingly active in exploring ways in which their lands can be used to provide tangible economic benefits to the people that live on them. This can entail improving or expanding existing activities such as grazing and farming or the development of new enterprises.

Water - irrigation

Water – Irrigation Feasibilities, Buy Back Proposals, Regional Supply Assessments


For the foreseeable future in Australia, the development and refinement of existing and new water orientated projects will be a focus for all levels of government. The objectives of these projects will be many and varied ranging from being environmentally focused to agricultural production in terms of both expanding production while increasing efficiency.

Land Holder Consultation

Land Holder Consultations (stakeholder engagement)


It is increasingly common to see stories in the media about landholders protesting about the adverse effects of various projects ranging from sustainable energy projects to land buy backs for environmental or other projects. These types of stories can be avoided or minimised by undertaking meaningful and effective consultation programs with all the existing landholders.

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Recent Projects

  • As an integral part of the Rookwood Weir project, Sunwater and Advance Rockhampton sponsored a program which assisted landholders to assess how they may be able to purchase and utilise water from the newly constructed Rookwood Weir. PeritusAg, in conjunction with irrigation design company Hydroplan,

  • A development application was being prepared for approval to install a 500ha solar array and battery storage project on a parcel of land currently used for grazing cattle in Southeast Queensland. The development application required an Agricultural Land Use and Impact Study Report (the Report)...

  •   Overview: PeritusAg completed an agronomic assessment and due diligence investigation of the biological assets and production risks of seven orchards, producing avocado and mangoes, for our client who was considering purchasing them in a sale and lease-back strategy. What we did: The scope of